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How Did Matthew Larsen's Daily Routine Lead to 8-Figure Agency Growth in Just One Year?

In a recent YouTube video, entrepreneur Matthew Larsen detailed the exact daily routine he used to scale his landing page agency from $0 to $900,000 per month in revenue in less than a year.

While admittedly intense, by consistently following this schedule 6 days a week, Larsen was able to achieve rapid growth without sacrificing other priorities like health, family, and hobbies. Here are the key elements of his highly productive daily routine:

1. 5am Wake-up and Morning Routine (60 min): Larsen is a proponent of the "5am Club" philosophy of waking up at 5am to elevate your habits. He follows a 20/20/20 morning routine of exercise, reflection/planning, and learning.

2. Momentum Building (30 min): From 6:15-6:45am he tackles quick essential daily tasks like reviewing his plan, updating clients, writing a newsletter, posting in his community, and scheduling social media posts. This builds momentum and ensures important recurring tasks get done.

3. Deep Work Block (5 hours): From 7am-12pm, Larsen has a strict deep work block with no distractions or interruptions allowed. He works in 5 focused 60-minute sessions on his highest leverage tasks - ad creatives, cold email scripts, and video content. A productivity form submitted after each session creates accountability.

4. Other Work (5 hours): After a chaotic period handling things like sales calls, client meetings, team meetings, hiring, etc., Larsen aims to wrap up work by 5pm. While he delegated many of these tasks, in a high-growth phase he was still quite involved.

5. Evenings and Sleep: From 5-8pm, Larsen prioritized exercise, hobbies, friends and family. He aimed to shut down by 7:30pm and be in bed by 9pm to enable the 5am wake-up. His night routine included reviewing goals, planning the next day, and winding down for sleep.

The keys to making an intense schedule like this work, according to Larsen, are

1) Blocking off time for deep work,

2) Delegating tasks outside your core activities,

3) Focusing on the 3 things that drive 90% of results,

4) Holding yourself accountable to true deep work, and

5) Waking up early. He emphasizes that an uncompromising commitment to the schedule is essential.

While this exact routine may not be for everyone, it provides a great example of the focus, discipline and consistency required to achieve outsized entrepreneurial success in a short period of time. The principles of prioritizing health, blocking time for uninterrupted work, building momentum, and focusing relentlessly on the highest impact activities can be applied in a way that works for your life and goals. As Larsen shows, with the right strategy and execution, rapid growth is possible.

What aspect of Matthew Larsen's daily routine do you think would be most challenging for you to implement?

  • Waking up consistently at 5am and following a structured

  • Blocking off 5 hours each day for uninterrupted deep work

  • Maintaining a strict schedule and work-life boundaries to en



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